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And so I was checking when was the last time I attended an event and according to the pictures that I have posted it is AFA 2015. AFA 2016 just passed over the weekends. I had an urge to attend on Saturday but it was kinda late when i decide upon it. So I took out my costume, sew a ribbon that has fallen off, combed the wig etc.

Nowadays AFA is more packed than ever with event attenders and cosplayers. TBH I don't have close knitted friends in the cosplay community and I might have made more enemies over the years than I wanted to. (The "i dont like her symdrone" spreads like wildfire to friends and friends of friends etc and besides, it makes it better for gossip material.) So cosplay is my primarily purpose of going to an event - wear my costume, take photos and say Hi to friends. 

Over the years, more pple have left cosplay and some friends like jactinglim and caillen are based overseas. It leaves me very few friends to say Hi to at an event and even less posing for photos because photographers are spoiled for choices. And while I didn't enter the event hall, it leaves me pacing aimlessly and boring-ly. I remembered feeling this way at last year's AFA and it was so dreaded that I didn't want to attend any events this year. I am still left with my Kotori costume which I have not worn for an event yet and I wonder if I should just do a shoot with it.

That's why nowadays I am very hesitant to do a new cosplay because of the time and money put into it and I lack the motivation for events and shoot, though sometimes I indulge in just buying the wig to do a costest and didn't proceed further. And also one draw back is aging. It's a bitch nowadays. My weight is so hard to control. I think I put on like 6 kgs just this year and it is not exactly very flattering when wearing a costume. The loose skin and wrinkles on my face are very unforgiving also even if I were to wear makeup.

Lately going through a bit of crisis also. Quitted my job and I am just stagnant now - no knowing how to proceed. The only comfort is I do save a lot so financially it is still not breaking me up. So really. I have no idea why I am writing a post on cosplay when it should be the least of my concerns now.
jactinglim Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Professional General Artist
Ask tanlin for a shoot! I miss seeing your cosplays and I miss seeing his photos! (I pretty much just miss you all ahaha)

And yes, I am in a similar situation myself because I don't cosplay the latest cosplay characters du jour and I still have so many cosplay backlogs (unfinished costumes, etc) also I don't get invited to shoots much so I do feel sad sometimes. But I just try to enjoy as much as I can as I love crafting and dressing up once in a while just to break the 'leave-myself-looking-ugly' rut.
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